Store Policy

Customer Care/Privacy & Safety

We are sanitizing fitting rooms, public spaces, and surfaces like boss babes.

For your and our safety, only one customer will be allowed back to the fitting room area at a time.

No more than 3 customers will be allowed inside our doors at a time. We will alert you with a sign or verbally if quota is met. We ask kindly that you wait in your car (and pump some seriously good tunes) while you wait.

If you are uncomfortable with coming in during normal operating hours, are high risk, or just need more flexibility, please contact us at 585.383.1170 to schedule an after hours appointment.

We are here for you!!

Th bra babe team cannot wait to see all of your gorgeous faces again!! Miss you all. Here’s to love and respect for each other. All of us. See you soon. xo

Payment Methods

- Credit / Debit Cards

- Offline Payments