Our Story


Hi Sweethearts!

Don’t let your mind bully your body!

Many of us now suffer from seasonal depression so we want to encourage all you babes to cut yourself some slack.


Maybe you gained some weight and have a little extra (quarantine 15) or even just the stress of COVID while being a mom and a teacher while also trying to work a full time job and maintain a personal life. 


Be kind to yourself, and know you’re not alone!

We’re all are a little on edge. So you have stretch marks. They look beautiful. Maybe you lost too much weight— its ok, you will gain it back. Maybe you gained weight that you're not used to. That’s ok too.

It really is. Your weight is not set in stone and does not define YOU. Just know, with the bra babes, we will always work with your body, never against it. 

We are here for you to help you love yourself! 


Words of Love

I Love their selection and the dressing rooms are so glam. It's a full luxury experience!

- Lily Samuels - 

When you walk in the shop you just feel so welcome and the bra babes  were so helpful 

- Sasha Michaels - 

My Favorite shop! 

- Marina Hills -